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ivor cutler died seven years ago today.  he was such a weirdo and i wish he was still around.  look him up!

ALSO we had a really great tour of the western part of this country.  thanks to everyone who showed up, talked to us, bought things, or just listened.  someone has a big big box of our shirts, so find him/her and get one for us!

as for the immediate future, we’re heading to sxsw next week. we’re doing two shows with icky blossoms before we head out, though:

   2/8 at Slowdown w/ icky, life is cool, pleasure adapter
   2/9 at Duffy’s w/ icky, vickers

we’ll have records at the shows, or you can buy them here or just listen on spotify.  

thanks for reading.

Release Day

whelp, this might be a day for the books. our album “officially” came out (though the significance of that is somewhat downshifted due to the streaming internets, but HURRAH nonetheless), and i have declared this february 5 the first of many Release Days. Release Day can be celebrated by anyone who has something to release. let a balloon go. run after a car. yell. scream. weep silently into a floppy black felt hat. release. it feels nice that there is finally a day just for that. 

thanks to everyone who has given feedback on the record! i’m glad to hear that you like what you hear. hearing. ears. so good.

oh and also, we leave for tour to the west on sunday. we will be trying to keep a fun journal of the road, so check back often! <3 teal

Please come!!


2/08 - LINCOLN, NE - bourbon theatre (record release)
2/09 - OMAHA, NE - waiting room (record release) 
2/11 - BOISE, ID - neurolux (w/ Built to Spill)
2/12 - SEATTLE, WA - sunset tavern
2/13 - PORTLAND, OR - mississippi studios (w/ What Made Milwaukee Famous)
2/14 - EUGENE, OR - black forest
2/15 - ARCATA, CA - facement
2/16 - OAKLAND, CA - house show/ask around!
2/17 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - thee parkside
2/18 - LOS ANGELES, CA - Central SAPC
2/19 - SAN DIEGO, CA - bar eleven
2/20 - LAS VEGAS, NV - beauty bar
2/21 - SALT LAKE CITY, UT - kilby court with Stag Hare
2/22 - DENVER, CO - house show/ask around!
2/23 - LAWRENCE, KS - bottleneck

we’re live tweetin from the warehaus!!


thanks to german rolling stone for reviewing the track ‘open sign’ 
i have used google translate to translate their review from german

i love this review:

If the band just diligently practicing the alphabet, or if the name has other profound reasons that remain hidden from all other people, here is the superficial question. “UUVVWWZ” could also be the exclamation applied to describe the sound of these musicians. Us this variant like best. Namely that fits great. By Teal Gardner as the lead vocalist is celebrated here with trashigsten grunge through the rigmarole “UUVVWWZ” Riot Girl-life feeling to burst the eardrums. If it creates an avant-garde rock band, they look after eating only a song necessarily want to live - it pretty much has to, it’s this one. Not surprisingly, that the text turns to the skillfully overdriven guitars and a drum preschendem Gescheppere to frustration and struggle for freedom. “It’s about finding a way to be open and bubbly and that in a place where no place for this kind of savagery,” said Gardner. When this music is the valve then, we are quite agree. “Open Sign” is a refreshing way trashy and absolutely authentic. Today’s Free Download offers so pleasant to narcotic and counter-program already seen before minimum oddities.

Thanks, Cathrin Schmiegel 

os mutantes are volcano of good feelings.

os mutantes are volcano of good feelings.

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PRE ORDER! the trusted language

surpise, i am surprised. here, you can pre order our new record! AS A SURPRISE. because if you do it now you’ll have forgotten that you did it and then you will get a WONDERFUL SURPRISE in the mail! also, saddle creek is only making 500 of these!!!